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" I was a bit worried about ending up myself building the 190 pieces models but then happy to see my 7 years old grandson was able to build 10 out of 12 possible models alone. He is fascinated with the possibility to move the robot with the solar panel he connected! "


Martha, USA  Verified Buyer


The perfect excuse for family fun!

Modern parents are busier than they’ve probably ever been, meaning it’s harder to get quality playtime to share with their kids. Now more than ever it has become a challenging task for parents to balance their lives with child care. Despite parents wanting to spend more time playing with their kids, a recent study found that 87% of mums and dads worry that they do not play or engage enough with their children.


Our Ecobot has been designed to stimulate kid´s imagination and creativity while having fun. It will offer not just the young ones but the whole family the perfect excuse to enjoy quality time together. Kids will never get tired of this revolutionary toy thanks to the possibility to build 12 different models that will be able to move through land and water by solar power. You will be surprised how easy kids will be able to assemble this toy following the clear step-by-step instructions!



6 reasons why it is the perfect gift for kids and the whole family



Making it unique among other similar toys, it has been designed to allow the possibility of building 12 different robots which can move on land or water. Kids will enjoy two different levels as to complexity, maximizing possibilities for all kids.



Our construction engineering toy will teach children how to engineer a robot that uses solar power while helping to develop manual skills, problem-solving and logical thinking.  




Step by step easy to follow instructions to complete each robot are included to maximize kid's fun. Great toy to encourage your child to learn through play. Makes the perfect parent and children team project.



Using a compact solar panel, these cool little bots harness energy from the sun to power an electric motor to get moving. Perfect for showing a child´s the practical experiences of working with green technology.


Kids have a minimal concentration span. They quickly get disengaged and disinterested in things and people too. When they make learning fun and manageable, they increase their interest in learning.



All 190 pieces of the building parts are perfectly made with non-toxic superior ABS plastics. They are consistent and compatible to connect so that they won't fall apart easily. 




It is no easy task to achieve life balance in today’s unpredictable and fast-paced world. Most of us juggle multiple roles and responsibilities every day, so finding the right moment and engaging activity to work with our kids has become a challenging task nowadays. More and more parents have reported being clueless about how to engage a child, and as a result, they usually turn to the go-to solution of today´s world- screens!


Thankfully, our Ecobot is ideal for grabbing kid´s attention. It allows parents the opportunity to teach their kids while having fun. Based on a DIY design, this science toy is ideal for improving your child's imagination and creativity by challenging them to build their own robots with 190 easy-build pieces, parts & accessories. Now parents will be able to create a special instance to spend quality time with their kids which is fundamental for their development.


It is recommended for + 8 years old kids, but it might be perfect for younger kids with adult assistance as it's ideal for the whole family. 


Package Includes:

1 x Building Block Set 
1 x Solar Panel
2 x Connecting cables
1 x User Manual


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