Kiara Smartwatch

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" This kid smartwatch is a must-have for every parent. Every feature has been perfectly put together to offer a real-time tracking tool for remote control of our kids. Peace of mind 24/7, and you can find your kid."


Isabella, USA ✅ Verified Buyer





Never again worry about kid's safety!


Protecting our children from every possible harm is the most fundamental parental urge. Now, more than ever, parents want to stay in touch with their children and verify that they are safe while they are away from home. Despite that fact, many parents aren’t ready to give their kids access to a mobile phone. The next best step is “Kiara.”


Kiara, our 4G Kid Smartwatch, is a revolutionary technology that could potentially be life-saving. It allows accurate real-time tracking and monitoring of our kids. Designed to help parents protect their loved ones by knowing where they are and who they are anytime. The smartest way to protect your child and keep them safe!


6 reasons why parents will get back their peace of mind



GPS + LBS + WIFI positioning allows you to get the accurate location of your children anytime. Get instantly alerted with notifications on the app or messages to your phone. If anything happens, it will notify you immediately.



Press and hold the one-touch "SOS" button, and the phone immediately calls the preset phone number. If you don't answer, the watch will automatically call up to 2 more people in the priority established.




Communicate with your child quickly in an emergency. They can call you when they need it and vice-versa via video or voice call. Same as mobile but without social media!



Create custom Geo-Fence Zones. When your kids enter or leave these safety zones, it’ll instantly notify you.



Equipped with a camera, your child can take photos and send them to you. You can remotely take a picture and see your child's surroundings. 



4G fast networks (also compatible with 3G and 2G) will allow better coverage and reliability. They just need a pre-paid nano-sim to enjoy safety at their fingertips




Every parent worries about their children. It's a constant state of wondering what they are doing, who they are with, and where they are. We understand how scary it is to know that they could be lost if we turn our heads for more than a few minutes. It's simply impossible to keep an eye on your kids every second every day.


Kiara smartwatch is perfect for keeping kids safe while giving peace of mind to parents. Now you will know where they are all-time without getting stressed. Family can now go to fairs, festivals, parks and enjoy different activities relaxed. A must-have for every family!





Please note:

  • Nano SIM card not included. You can purchase from any local supplier in the U.S.
  • Unlocked for use in the United States.
  • Works both with cellular data or WIFI.
  • IP67 Waterproof – Do not use in hot/saltwater.


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